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“We appreciate the diligence and professionalism”

“Thank you for a great experience all-around. We appreciate the professionalism and clear communication with which this process was completed. We would be thrilled to pass along referrals should it be asked of us.” McGrath

“Thank you for your professionalism and hard work”

“I just wanted to write and thank you for your professionalism and all your hard work. I don’t think we would have gotten our roof replaced without your help. You went above and beyond what we expected. I would recommend you to anyone Mardesich

“The roof system you put together will save us money”

“We appreciate your in depth investigation and report regarding the roofs on our property. Your report and suggested phasing plan has really assisted our HOA in budgeting for future repair and replacement of our roofs. We feel the roof system you recommended will save us money with the increased life of our roofs and the elimination of damage due to ice build up.              BSP HOA

“Your persevered over 3 adjusters and 2 other engineers”

“We cannot thank you enough for working on our claim. You were correct, through your efforts and the appraisal process the damage to our property was fully covered. You performed beyond our expectations. We appreciate you following through on our appraisal over the last 16 months. You persevered over 3 adjusters and 2 other engineers other engineers that refused to see the extent of damage caused by severe snow and ice to our home. Thanks to you we can now get it properly repaired”              S. Keating

“Thank you for being thorough with your handling of this claim”

“Thank your for being thorough with your handling of this claim. We agree with your assessment that damage to the tile roof was not from hail. I would like to be able to call on you to inspect roofs for us in the future.              M. Burkey

“Thanks to your

company we were

able to resolve the

issues with our roof

and have it replaced.”

When we contacted your company to resolve a dispute with our contractor we did not believe we would be able to get this issue resolved and would have to rely on the court system or lose a large amount of money. We had problems with our roof during the installation and leaks in our roof shortly thereafter. The contractor had come back several times but was incapable of resolving our issues on their own. Thanks to your professionalism and expertise we were able to resolve these issues with our contractor and now have a functioning roof that does not leak. Not only were you able to point out the problems with the roof, you provided solutions for these to be fixed and worked with our contractor to explain the issues and assist them in properly correcting them. We are grateful that you were able to resolve our issues so quickly. Thank you! .